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Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity…a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.

– The National Wellness Institute

Fitness and wellness has become a billion-dollar industry, frequently promoting the latest “trends” in the space with little signs of slowing down. The successful marketing appeal throughout major-cities in America however,  has largely omitted people of color, specifically Black women.

Even in 2019… it remains that segments in our communities are unaware of the importance of wellness practices, ways we can practice and manifest healthy living, and are rarely the consideration of big brands.

I find that big brands and wellness movements (ex. boutique fitness classes) don’t care to include us in the spaces that should be so welcoming.

Wellness is not a fad nor is it just for white women. Yea, I said it. 

Wellness is for EVERYONE.

Wellness in the Black community should be promoted and with a unique focus. 

We don’t NEED a formal invitation to promote positive mindsets, healthy living, to spotlight game changers and leaders in the wellness space that look like us/support us and the overall improvement of our lifestyles.  We are the change.

Instead of waiting for others to acknowledge our presence and relevance in these spaces, to foster complex conversations that matter to our communities and celebrate our diversity, I followed in the vein of trailblazers before and around me… and created a space. 

This site, podcast, and growing community space is for education, exposure, inclusion and information about various wellness practices that ultimately promote the execution of living OUR best lives!

We deserve.

Let’s cover it all – welcoming 4c kinks, conversations about “code-switching” on the job, boutique fitness classes, wellness trends, diet and nutrition news, skincare and beauty products and more.  

Wellness encompasses our emotional, spiritual, physical and social well-being, to help us best navigate this thing called life as our highest selves. That’s what it’s really about.  

You can’t love ANY body… until you take care of YOUR BODY. 

While TBWF is based in Atlanta, connections with anyone complimenting the wellness experience or sharing valuable insight across the globe are more than welcome!

Have an idea, question or solution for TBWF?  Reach out anytime!


Instagram: @Dawnavette & @TheBlackWellnessFactor

Let’s vibrate higher…our representation matters.

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